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Thread: Comfy in our new RV

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    Very cool, I like the door sign, Russ! Mine also has the outdoor kitchen in the same space, but with a minifridge in place of that sink. I'd probably prefer the sink, but the spray hose/outdoor shower is just around the corner, so we'll make do.
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    Default Re: Comfy in our new RV

    Happy trails, Mark. As my grandfather always said, keep it between the fenceposts.

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    Me and my wife have retired purchased a camper and we are currently on our second trip. We love it, I've brought my mandolin and guitar each trip and play each day bit have yet found someone to jam with. Will keep on playing and maybe we''ll run to in to some fellow jammers. Our neighbors in the campgrounds love to hear the mandolin. One thing about this lifestyle is that it is nice and easy except for moving day - it can be a bit stressful at times.

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    As mentioned earlier, we sometimes travel in a group, and in this group everyone plays except one guy and he's a really good cook, so we tolerate him!

    Last weekend at Grayson Highland SP we made a new guitar playing friend from Kentucky who was also camped there. We really hit it off and jammed 3+ hours/day for 3 days---we look forward to seeing her again in the future!. So, sometimes opportunities will present themselves in campgrounds but it is certainly not the norm.
    Russ Jordan

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    Mark, in an earlier post, I said I was envious. There’s a reason.

    Closest I’ve ever been RVing was in July of 1982 courtesy of a very close friend. I had gone through a stressful couple of years. Lots of personal and professional turmoil, disappointment, and tragedy. I was pretty much mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. And even as private and stoic as I am, it showed. It’s difficult to hide a 20-pound weight loss.

    Well, one evening my friend drove up to my house in a ’75 Toyota Chinook camper that he had purchased that day. He told me that he was taking me on a two-week “mental-health” road trip; no excuses. His sister would look after the house and bills. So, I bundled up my sleeping bag and a couple of changes of clothes, he grabbed my guitar, and off we went. To wander. No destination in mind. He flipped a coin at US Highway 80 and we headed west out of Louisiana.

    Did you know it’s farther to El Paso from the east Texas border town of Waskom than it is from El Paso to Los Angeles?

    We talked some. We drove in silence some. We admired the scenery during the day and listened to AM radio stations at night. We stopped when we felt like it. We ate at small-town cafes when we got hungry. When rivers or lakes weren’t available, we showered at truck stops. We played our guitars and sang in camping spots, at scenic overlooks, and in front of 24-hour laundromats. The roads west turned into the Pacific Coast Highway. When the PCH ran out, we heard about Highway 50 and traveled east.

    Did you know that US Highway 50 essentially bisects the country for 3000 miles but only passes through a handful of cities?

    Two weeks had turned into three when we pulled into Maryland. The Atlantic coast took us south to the other end of US Highway 80. And it was a little over five weeks when we completed the loop as the Chinook pulled back in front of my home. My friend was indeed wise. That road trip was cleansing. Freeing. Re-invigorating. It didn’t get rid of my troubles, but it did allow me to put them into a manageable perspective. It was a healing and restorative journey. I needed it. I enjoyed it. I appreciated life once again.

    Yes, I’m envious. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but the thought of an open road and a campground or two just sounds appealing – even if I don’t have a boatload of stress that needs to be dumped. It’s ironic that I’ve not made the time to do something like that again. Maybe I will because of your example. Please wave if you see me driving by.

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    Default Re: Comfy in our new RV

    ĒDid you know that US Highway 50 essentially bisects the country for 3000 miles but only passes through a handful of cities? Ē

    I did not know this!
    Started looking up Highway 50...thanks - Iíve added this to my bucket list!
    Turns out Iíve been on Highway 50 many times over the years - in Colorado and Missouri - but did not know the history/ significance! Cool and thanks!


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