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    I'm trying to help a disabled friend sell his 1981 1SH mandola. "The Flatiron" stamped on the back of the peghead, Pick wear to top, some spider cracks in the finish and a few dings.
    I can find no info on this mandola. It is the frying pan shape(Army-Navy?) Spruce top maple back and sides.Amber-tine finish

    I am going to restring and lower the action slightly.

    Can anybody comment on possible value, sale-ability?

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    Default Re: Flatiron 1sh Mandola

    These are nice instruments, a lot of fun. My son got a 3n series Mandola (the posh version) in Koa, I think, a really clean one, in solid shape at a music store about 3 years back. If he hadn't gone for it, I would have. The boy drives a hard bargain, he got it for $800, which is the bottom of the range for that version, I'd say. Neat instrument, a lot of fun to play, pretty dang good sound.

    Take a look at the current ads for flatiron flat-top mandolins on this site, that ought to give you a general idea on price. You might get a bit more, for a mandola relative to a mandolin, but mandolas are a bit harder to sell since the market is smaller. I think 1981 is pretty early for a flatiron, that's typically a good thing, does it have the "Hand made in Bozeman" tag in it?

    Hopefully someone on here will correct me if the prices on these has really risen lately, but I expect my estimate on the price range on this to between the lowest price for a flatiron pancake 1 series mandolin, and what my son got the 3n Mandola.

    It looks like there is an ad up from someone looking to buy a flatiron Mandola on this site now (no financial interest on my part here).
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    If you do a Google search on three words, "reverb flatiron mandola," you'll get a lot of results from past Reverb sales. Once you're on a given listing, you can then click on "See Full Description" to see the original listing with the price.

    Usually, the ones with great shape with no repairs and no finish issues are around $1200, while those with repairs, finish damage, and so on range from $600-800 depending on condition.

    I've sent you a PM.


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