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Thread: Stahl Bowlback Mandolin

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    Default Stahl Bowlback Mandolin

    Needs work- $220.

    This Stahl Larson Bros octave mandolin was an exciting find on ebay but others saw it too! Auction ended a couple of days ago. I think the seller had a very happy surprise when it took off in the last 10 or so seconds. I don't know if one of the members here bought it.

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    Default Re: Stahl Bowlback Mandolin

    OK, as a "burn victim" of fiery discussions of what is and what ain't "Larson Brothers," are we all agreed that the seller's claim is justified? It looks valid to me, but I've been scolded before...

    If so, I'd say "buy it now" of $220 is eminently reasonable...not that I'm in the market...

    Nice price on the OM, as well.
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    Default Re: Stahl Bowlback Mandolin

    I steered clear of the "Larson or not" debate on that mandolin but as you suggest, if it is from the Larson Brothers it is a pretty good buy. I have to admit that I sat up late to put in my final bid on that octave mandolin, only to see my final bid disappear in a cloud of dust!

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    Default Re: Stahl Bowlback Mandolin

    Not much to go on viz the LarBros claim other than the "Stahl" connection which isn't a smoking gun by any means.

    The fretboard dot patterns we have seen on Larson made bowls....along with a lot of other details which this doesn't share.

    The neck / bowl "collar" is NOT a LarBros ringer as L+H used it often. The fretboard extension also doesn't look like i fratelli work, either.

    I admit, I'm the Doubting Thomas on many Larson attribution for the same reason I am about "splinters of the True Cross". Enough of them around to build a cathedral.
    Two guys in a little shop built all that stuff, while also cranking out all those great guitars.

    This mandolin is unplayable in current condition and needs a serious neck repair.

    Now the mandola / octave that Nick referred to doubt about that one. I was tracking that sale and y'all are right. I bet the seller's eyes were popping out the last 15 seconds of that sale. I thought that might fly under the radar for about 5 minutes then figured anyone who was in the know, knew.

    Very nice instrument. Clearly the quality and appointments on that should be examined closely before the next LarBros throwdown goes down.

    A lot lot different than taking a ringer on a pretty ordinary bowlback.

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