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Thread: Off To Sea Once More (Shanghai Browne)

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    Default Off To Sea Once More (Shanghai Browne)

    The Bottom Shelf Scrubs cover this old sea shanty.

    Please let me know what you think.

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    Default Re: Off To Sea Once More (Shanghai Browne)

    I enjoyed that. Nice mandolin work. It's similar to a version I sing myself.

    Academic point: This is a sea song but not a sea shanty. A shanty is a rhythmic work song with a call and response. Traditionally, the shantyman -- virtually always a man in the days of wooden ships -- "called" and the sailors chorus "responded". Well-known examples are "Drunken Sailor" and "Blow The Man Down." Here's a shanty. If the link doesn't work search YouTube for "Vfss Shanty Crew/ Blow The Man Down."

    Robert Johnson's mother, describing blues musicians:
    "I never did have no trouble with him until he got big enough to be round with bigger boys and off from home. Then he used to follow all these harp blowers, mandoleen (sic) and guitar players."
    Lomax, Alan, The Land where The Blues Began, NY: Pantheon, 1993, p.14.

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