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    Jimmy Capps, one of the most respected guitar pickers in Nashville, has passed away. There's hardly a country star that hasn't used his talents in one of their recording sessions. RIP, Jimmy.
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    So sad. Prayers for the family.

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    Chris Cravens

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    That is too bad. I was just listening to a bunch of Louvin Brothers stuff tonight and was annoyed with myself because I could not recall his name. He was a fine, tasteful picker.

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    Yes, Jimmy was great- I loved watching him on Larry's Country Diner where he played "The Sheriff" and gave such great backing to performers on the show. He had a long and productive career. There was a great interview with him on YouTube from the Country Music Hall of Fame but it does not seem to be uploaded any more. Here he is with the Louvin Bros nearly 60 years ago:

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    Sad news.

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    A nice little polka instrumental at Larry's Country Diner, a much underrated if cornpone music show:

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    Here Jimmy talks about being hired by the Louvin Brothers...


    A bunch of stuff with four strings

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    At 3:11, you see Jimmy and Charlie Louvin with their Harmony guitars- Charlie has a Harmony Sovereign. Apparently, Shot Jackson organised that deal with Harmony. Jimmy said in another interview a while back, that being with Harmony was perhaps not as good as he would like, but he wished he still had his Harmony electric guitar as they are now more highly regarded, then back then. Maybe, out there, there is someone with a Harmony Sovereign once played by Charlie Louvin!

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