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    Question Looking for tips!

    No idea if this in the right place, sorry! Been playing about a month, it's a really cheap mando and I dont know how to set it up... but here is me playing the first half of Irish washerwoman rather badly. Really need any tips, thank you!!

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    not too bad- I would focus on slowing down and making sure each note is sounded correctly - also a slow metronome can't hurt (for even spacing between notes), but you are well on your way
    loosen both the right and left hands, and you can certainly play with a little more emphasis on the right hand.
    simply picking open strings in a metronome pattern is suggested.
    Your enthusiasm is great - leverage that!
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    Go over to the Song-A-Week Social group - under the Learn/Listen heading - and you will find loads of ideas there with a lot of current activity which the lockdown has helped! There is also a very good Newbies Group.
    I think you will do well as you seem really keen and are quite happy to let people hear what you are doing right from the start. Have fun with your playing!
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    that was fun -- nice job!

    I'd put a little air between your thumb and the neck -- i can't tell, but it does look like you're resting the mandolin's neck on the web between your thumb and index finger and freeing up that space may give you a little more mobility. if you're already doing that, just ignore what i just wrote. I'm not wearing my glasses and details do occasionally escape me!

    Drunken Sailor was nicely plucked. slow and steady to make sure your fingers are exactly where they need to be on the frets and as has been mentioned, a metronome (that devilish device!) will help with pacing. I'm also interested in which B part you're using for Irish Washerwoman. everybody who plays it seems to have a different version!
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    I think you're off to a good start here. My advice would be to try to play it perfectly at a really slow speed and only play it as fast as you can do it well. That way, you learn good habits instead of sloppiness. It's like The Karate Kid with wax-on/wax-off. Learn the right way to play and you'll play well. Not saying you're sloppy now, but playing cleanly will be key as you get better and better. Also, it's better to play for 15 minutes a day if you're playing well, compared to an hour a day when you're not focusing. This way you move forward without bad habits. You'll be really good before you know it!
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