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    I'm thinking about buying one of the relatively new Northfield Calhoun models. I'd appreciate your thoughts and/or feedback on this model to assist in making my decision to buy.

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    I haven't seen one of these in person yet, but I think they look great, and they sound good in the hands of the players Northfield has posted videos of. I have a Northfield Model M that I love, and these Calhouns look just as well-made, in a simpler form. It's a very cool company, IMO. Adrian Bagale, one of the founders, was a guest on the most recent episode of the Mandolins and Beer podcast, and he talks about the Calhoun model a bit. Worth a listen for that, and for the company's story in general.

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    I played one in Gryphon Strings and liked it.
    Not quite as good as the Collings Waterloo, but half the price.

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    I played one briefly in the Northfield tent at last year's Grey Fox Festival. I was impressed. The build seemed light but solid, the tone unexpectedly pleasant, and playability evident. I was tempted to buy it ... but my herd is already consuming too much real estate.

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    I bit the bullet and got one from Elderly in January. It has a very pleasant tone and handles the mid to low range better than my The Loar f style. Thought it would be my primary but, interestingly enough, I enjoy splitting my time about 50/50 with the 2. Both are keepers.
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