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Thread: New Girouard octave at The Music Emporium

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    Default New Girouard octave at The Music Emporium

    I am not an octave player but if I wanted to get into the game this would be worth a hard look...


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    Default Re: New Girouard octave at The Music Emporium

    I played the one they had in house last August. I wanted it, but decided to sit on it until I was home in NC, as it had been there for a little while, and I needed to sell a couple of instruments first. When we got home 2 days later I decided I was crazy and needed to buy it and sell the other instruments later (I had the cash but we downsized a couple of years ago, so I’m careful about how many cases I keep around now). Went to the site to buy it, and it had sold that morning. Insert string of bad words here. Lesson learned, and, on the plus side, I really like the 20 inch scale Weber Bitteroot I ended up with a few weeks later. But, that Girouard was special, for sure...

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    Default Re: New Girouard octave at The Music Emporium

    oh my days, that IS NICE
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