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    So I grew up with a Kiso-Suzuki bowlback in the house (model MR-150). I played around on some Fender F-styles, and growing up I always thought I'd play an F. The curves of it just appealed to me.

    So last year I started saving up for an Ibanez F, being an Ibanez guitar player (I've a metric tonne of), and since I own a Uke by them that's yet to let me down. Figured "What the heck, they make a damn nice F-style, it looks good, I've played it at a few outings with mates, let's go for it!"

    Then the damnedest thing happened. I found the same model bowlback my da plays on the Electronic Bay for sale, and for under 200!

    Needless to say, being the nostalgic fellow that I am, that sort of became what I snagged. I mean, now I have the same model acoustic guitar he plays, AND the same model mandolin, AND I have both of the electric guitars he owned when I was but wee. So now my kid gets the same musical experience I had, and the circle continues unbroken.

    Not to mention now when we go out gigging (assuming we ever get to again) we can basically pass as twins, playing the same instruments to boot!

    Now, does this mean I won't ever buy another? Nah. I have an extreme case of GAS, and I'm afraid it's terminal. And I DO still want an Ibanez F-Style--preferably in Dark Violin whatever they call it. But my go-to is always going to be that MR-150 Kiso-Suzuki bowlback.
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