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Thread: Learning tenor guitar and mando simultaneously?

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    Default Learning tenor guitar and mando simultaneously?

    Iím interested in learning the tenor guitar alongside learning mando. How feasible is this? Iíve heard itís more doable since theyíre both tuned in fifths - can anyone speak to this? Iím pretty new to music in general.

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    Default Re: Learning tenor guitar and mando simultaneously?

    It's absolutely feasible. Fifths tuning for mandolin, mandola, octave mando, & tenor guitar (in GDAE or CGDA) makes switching between them fairly easy. I've also noticed that mentally transposing notes & fingerings between the two tunings becomes enjoyably easier. A 23" scale tenor with the guitar tuned GDAE, makes CGDA just a capo away at the 5th fret.

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    Default Re: Learning tenor guitar and mando simultaneously?

    I'd say it's both feasible and really fun to work out fingering and arrangements on a tenor for the fiddle tunes we play on mando. I dig certain fiddle tunes even more on a tenor than on mandolin - St. Anne's reel and Dorrigo sound great on a tenor
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