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Thread: Picking pattern chart

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    Default Picking pattern chart

    Does anyone know of a chart that shows pick-picking ("flat picking") patterns and or finger-picking patterns? This has become my next hurdle in my struggle for mere competence. Videos don't help me: I can't see behind people's fingers to see what they're doing. I need charts!

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    Default Re: Picking pattern chart

    There's only a few strokes, basically, in flatpicking.

    1. Down and up on the same stroke
    2. Down on one string, up on the lower string.
    3. Down on one string, up and the higher string.

    Arrange that as you like, you'll cover most bases, jigs not withstanding.
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    Default Re: Picking pattern chart

    Here's a page from my old notebook with some of the rolls and picking patterns I practice. Ok for a few ideas
    Click image for larger version. 

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    However I'd recommend getting hold of Mandolin Crosspicking Technique By Mickey Cochran to really dive in to this in a structured way. Especially as they seem to be offering 35% off on MelBay today .
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