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Thread: The sound of the Ranieri orchestra - 78rpm

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    Default The sound of the Ranieri orchestra - 78rpm

    This just appeared on Ralf Leenan's Youtube channel:

    And this is the comment I wrote below it:

    Wow, this is a revelation! At times I had to remind myself I was listening to a mandolin orchestra. It sounds so lush, like strings and wind instruments. Is it really just mandolins? The arrangements are excellent, and the playing is first class. I also have a 78rpm player, with some Segovia and Charlie Christian records, and even though mine is one of the less expensive models, the sound is fantastic. I'm impressed you used a fresh needle for each playing. Maybe Embergher and digital recording devices are not the best match - I say this knowing that I've just heard a digital recording through my headphones, but the original sound source is a wonderful 78 player. I'll be listening to this again and again. Thank you Ralf!

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    Default Re: The sound of the Ranieri orchestra - 78rpm

    What fond memories! Ralf's home in Antwerp is a veritable museum. Down the street there's even a restaurant appropriately called The Seventh Heaven...
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