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Thread: A Year With Calace?

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    Thank you for the two questions and your support!

    To your first question:
    Both. Of course, it never hurts to go back and repeat lessons you've already learned. In addition, the notes show you what development you have made and how your "taste" develops. Therefore, the progress in the various exercises should be recorded as accurately as possible.
    In order to further consolidate what you have learned in a lesson, techniques and approaches are repeated in later lessons and supplemented by various aspects. So the next lesson (lesson 5) will pick up on what you've learned from lesson 1.
    In the end, of course, it is up to you to what extent you need to return to old lessons. My goal with "A Year with Raffaele Calace" is to teach practice techniques and to show what thoughts you can make into a composition.
    After the first year, I'm thinking of taking two of the preludes apart the next year. The principle would be the same as this year, except that a composition will be treated over several months. But that's just a thought so far. The extent to which I will implement this will then be decided in early 2021.

    To your second question:
    A fairly detailed table of contents is planned, which includes the first few bars of the study treated and a brief description of the lesson. But this will be written at the end of the year, i.e. next April to May.

    About PS 1: "Tkt." is the German abbreviation for bar.
    About PS 3: Your vote is noted. The next project with variations from the 18th century will probably start on November 1st, 2020. The working title is currently "A Year with the Classics". What do you think?

    That was a really long answer. I hope that I was able to answer all questions well.

    Best wishes from Hamburg,

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    Default Re: A Year With Calace?

    Thank you Florian! Your answer was very helpful and to the point. Your approach is brilliant!!! It is extremely helpful and the process is quite satisfying. I hope more and more people discover what you are doing as I know they will benefit greatly. A Year With The Classics sounds great - but to be honest, anything you do is sure to be brilliant based on what I have seen so far. Wonderful!

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