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Thread: Dwight Lamb's Danish Tunes

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    Default Dwight Lamb's Danish Tunes

    I just heard about Dwight Lamb, who is an old-time fiddler from Iowa, who also play a lot of Danish tunes which he learned from his Danish grandfather. Lamb makes frequent trips to Denmark and plays with Danish musicians (fiddle, accordion, guitar) both there and here in the U.S.

    Lamb has hundreds of tunes in his head and his Danish friends have helped to write some of them down and publish them in a book called "Dwight Lamb's Danish Tunes" which is available through Missouri Valley Music.

    There are other CDs available for sale there of Dwight playing both old-time and Danish tunes. They sit beautifully for the mandolin as well as the fiddle.

    I've bought the book (notation only) and the tunes are a lot of fun to play. It's very nicely laid out and easy to read.

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    Default Re: Dwight Lamb's Danish Tunes

    Have known Dwight for nearly 20 years. There was a Facebook celebration yesterday which I was fortunate enough to be included. He is a true national treasure and the book is a great resource.

    Here's more on Dwight

    There is also an updated version of the tune book. 5 more tunes in a couple of different keys -

    Lastly, here was my contribution to Dwight's party. This was one of the first tunes I heard him play. And possibly the third overall I learned on mandolin -
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    Nice playing, nice tune! Dwight is definitely a national treasure! Thanks for sharing!

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    Default Re: Dwight Lamb's Danish Tunes

    Thank you, both!

    I promptly purchased my own copy from Missouri Valley Music.

    Can't wait till it gets here.

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    Default Re: Dwight Lamb's Danish Tunes

    And I anybody shouldn`t know, the name of the tune is : " Mama i have to pee"

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