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    Hello all! Iím hoping to buy a three course Greek bouzouki soon and I was wondering if any of you have recommendations for reliable learning resources. Preferably in English, but beggars canít be choosers.

    The trouble Iím having is that for what books, dvds, etc. that I can find, there are often no reviews. That makes me automatically think itís a scam.

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    Folk Creations issued a series of three DVDs covering both three-course and four-course Greek bouzoukis. This is their website These DVDs are all in English. There is also the book "Method for the three string bouzouki and baglama" by Dimitris J. Koutis. It's in both Greek and English. It features partitions, but no tab. There is a lot on scales and chords. It refers to notes using do, re, mi rather than C, D and E. Arco Music has published two books in Greek with CD for the three-course bouzouki featuring both partitions and tablature. As everything is in Greek, I can't give you the titles. As I didn't get very far with them and decided to focus on the mandolin, I don't feel qualified to say if they are good or bad. I just wanted to let you know they exist. All of the ones I mentioned are for Greek music. The three-course bouzouki is also sometimes used in Irish music (although the four-course Irish bouzouki is used a lot more). If this is something that interests you, there is a Facebook group for it.

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