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Thread: Stew mac -- waverly f-style mandolin tuners

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    Default Re: Stew mac -- waverly f-style mandolin tuners

    The worms on the handle shaft are cut either /// or \\\.

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    One minute magic trick to reverse a tuner: loosen the string all the way, keep winding so it wraps around the post the other way. Done!
    Anyway, like the centipede who became immobilized by trying to figure out how it organized all those feet, ‘right way’ for say, pegs sticking out of the sides of things is CCW on one side and CW on the other, which bothers people like me who turn nuts and bolts much more than tuning buttons, and expect CW to mostly mean tighter. Plus, there’s the matter of switching hands to tune, where our symmetry reverses direction. Have to on a cello, maybe not on a mandolin. Electric guitars with all the tuners on one side; much less stressful. Then of course, most pegs stick out the sides, but some (slotted headstock) stick out of one side, the bottom, so by the time we get to sitar country, it’s total brain failure.
    All that aside, I was just chiming in on Waverly even though I’ve never even seen one of their products. Just the design.

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    That might until you see the side of the nut break off from the angle of the string you're tightening. I have no problem with people that want to do things backwards and they are the only ones that have to live with it. Better just to do things right.
    "Bargain instruments are no bargains if you can't play them". These are the words of J. Garber.

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