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    Similar to big sky girl, after owning my new Northfield Big Mon for 3 weeks I am averaging 1 ding per week and the top now looks terrible, so I have pretty much given up. (Iíve never done this to any instrument Iíve owned in the past 50 years.) At this rate it will look like a Pre War guitar with stage 3 or 4 distressing by the end of the summer. Nevertheless, I still wipe it down after playing. And then toss it in the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tgsmith View Post
    I'm curious to here what you all do for daily maintenance
    A quick 2-second wipedown of the strings after playing.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheMandoKit View Post
    I used to have trouble with my sweat corroding the strings, and I used Fast Fret before and after playing to minimize it, but as I have gotten older, that problem seems to have lessened considerably.
    Unfortunately, my remarkably extraordinary superhuman string-corrosion ability has not diminished with age. But, unlike other things, it hasn't gotten any worse either, so there's that.

    I do sometimes use FastFret rather than just a clean dry rag or paper towel, but I don't bother with FastFret every day, more like just whenever I remember it. It works well, but I don't like the smell of it, nor the fiddly business with the two little containers and their respective caps which always want to drop on the floor, so I tend to procrastinate using it.

    Quote Originally Posted by JeffD View Post
    Nomad! Oh. So, not this, then:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    (My mind has been permanently warped by Star Trek. The Nomad computer was literally the first thing I thought of when I saw Jeff's post.)

    Quote Originally Posted by JeffD View Post
    The Nomad is pretty cool. I got it as a gift from a non-musical friend who found it on a website of 10 gifts under 10 bucks for guitarists, or something. It really does a nice job and it is worth keeping in the gig bag.
    I might have to try one of those someday, looks convenient. Amazon has a mini version too. NFI.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Brock View Post
    I was wiping the strings down after playing, but I haven’t been remembering to do that lately. Maybe a reflection on the longer life of coated strings?
    Hmm, I haven't tried coated strings yet either, maybe I should.

    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Levine View Post
    I try to shower atleast 2x a week.
    Well... that's eight times more often than the classic "once a month whether I need it or not"...

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