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    so i am new to mandolin, although i have been playing guitar for a while. i have been teaching myself a little bit but looking to explore online lessons. i have basic knowledge of chord shapes and chop chords and i can move my fingers around fretboard okay but my knowledge of the fret board and scales is limited. i'm wondering if the beginners series on peghead nation is a good starting place? any reviews or recommendations?

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    I have been playing guitar for over 40 years playing mandolin a couple of months. I am taking the beginners mandolin course at peghead nation. I am a classic rock type player on guitar so have been learning some rock type mandolin songs IE. Styx "boat on a River", REM "losing my religion", Rod Stuart "Maggie May" ...... The peghead nation course is Bluegrass fiddle type tunes its fun playing the tunes and I am learning by just playing the songs....... But i do want to take one of the fretboard lessons next......

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    I started 4 years ago with the beginner mandolin course on Peghead and I am very glad I did. There are other great online resources, but many of them are a la carte versus a course. Sharon’s beginner and intermediate courses are well thought out and have a ton of material. More than others, she really makes you learn those first tunes by ear, which is super valuable (some others tend to only sort of make you do it as they often end up telling you exactly where to put your fingers). After taking the beginner course I picked up some songs from Mando Lessons, Banjo Ben, Bradley Laird, and took a Matt Flinner course. All were great, as were a handful of in person lessons; I got more out of all of them because of the solid beginning I got from Sharon. PegHead has really expanded it’s offerings (and the instructors keep adding new lessons to existing courses), and I find myself again using the site as my go to instruction site.
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