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Thread: Eddy Davis passes away

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    Default Eddy Davis passes away

    Somehow I didn't know about Eddy until this morning when a friend mentioned him. He died on April 9 from complications due to Covid-19. One obit is here. Another is here.

    He is known for his tenor banjo playing but also played tenor guitar and mandola.

    He posted quite a few videos on YouTube in the kast few years playing chord melody arrangements of jazz standards. Here is his YouTube channel.

    Here are a few threads about him on MC (there are more):

    Eddy Davis Mando

    From the Playing of Eddy Davis

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    Default Re: Eddy Davis passes away

    That is sad, i watched many of his videos !

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    Default Re: Eddy Davis passes away

    I wouldn't want to be pessimistic but if anyone should hear of a demise that's COVID-19 related, please post. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Eddy Davis passes away

    Sorry to hear this, R.I.P.
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    Default Re: Eddy Davis passes away

    Eddy was such a master. Sad news.

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    Default Re: Eddy Davis passes away

    Wow, so sad. Eddy was one of the best. Really enjoyed his tenor guitar videos.

    A bunch of stuff with four strings

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    Default Re: Eddy Davis passes away

    Oh, no.

    I had thought he was doing better, and then life got complicated and I lost focus on this.

    This is a great loss. Eddy was always a great teacher and generous with his knowledge. The world is poorer for his absence.

    @Jim, thanks for the heads up.

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