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    Quote Originally Posted by mandroid View Post
    The Previous company Reunion Blues went Asian, for labor cost reduction.
    One of my Friends worked there while they were still in SFO.
    They Used to make full leather and leather/nylon mixed designs in relatively densely foam padded gig bags.

    (Looking at the current site the bags are more nylon covered ..
    I saw Uke, nothing specific to mandolin..

    Actually, I talked to Glenn Cronkite (who started Reunion Blues) at length about the "manufacturing transition". He took on a partner, who then took all of Glenn's designs and set up in China with them. Glenn basically was shut out of his own business, and eventually emerged making bags under his own name. There are definitely differences in the quality of the SF bags and the Chinese-made ones.

    I have Cronkite-made leather bags for an A5, an F5 and one that was made for some sort of hybrid F4 that makes a great gigbag for my electric mandolins. I have a tenor banjo leather Reunion Blues gig bag that I keep my Trillium octave mandolin in, and the quality is just not the same. It's nice, but not as nice as the Cronkite bags.
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    I've got a Cronkite F5 bag. Absolutely top quality. It will last a lifetime.

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    I got a leather horn bag, a 2nd, thru my friend, in the 80's. He got a side job done fir me, making a travel bag for my Leo pocket Mandolin ,
    It was shaped like one of those wooden ice cream spoons, with a '178' degree around #10 coil zipper . joining the 2 padded sides..

    I carried my pocket mandolin on my Irish-Scottish Pub Crawl Bicycle tour in 1997..
    It worked Super...

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    We do it....because we can. No justification required.

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    As mentioned above, Glenn Cronkhite makes the best cases and covers I've ever used. Not cheap, but built to last for a career. Choice of five leathers and eight Corduras, lots of options.
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    Paul, Glenn is out of the business other than as an advisor. The company is being run by Steve Kreisel out of Minneapolis (MN).
    There's nothing better than first-hand experience.

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