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Thread: Amistar/Leewald tenor guitars

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    Default Amistar/Leewald tenor guitars

    Hey there,

    I recently sent an email to Leewald guitars (who appear to be making the old Amistar style guitars in the Czech Republic) and I was informed that they do still make tenor guitars. To that end, I was wondering whether anyone here has ever played one. They look like super nice tenor guitars, but the price tag is quite hefty for an instrument. Anyone have any advice? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Amistar/Leewald tenor guitars

    I have never played one, but I did find this video. Maybe you've already seen it. How much does one of their tenors cost, if you don't mind me asking?

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    Default Re: Amistar/Leewald tenor guitars

    Wow....just Wow!!

    Looks like about 2k for price. Anybody know the scale length of the tenor? Couldn't find anything.

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