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Thread: Mandolin Registry Startup Help

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    Default Mandolin Registry Startup Help

    I have given notice in another thread in this forum that I may be willing to start a Lou Stiver Mandolin registry. Key word is may, as I have no idea as to how to proceed. I assume that I could wing it and come up with an honest attempt, but would like to avoid time wasting mistakes.
    If you have previous experience and can define steps needed to be taken or better yet computer spread sheets I could adopt it would contrtibute to my decision if I am willing to take on this task.
    I have yet taken delivery of my new Stiver as I am socially isolating in the very, very, rural Blueridge Mountains of N E Georgia. I hope to take delivery of my Stiver mandolin from Mr. Stiver upon my return to the Burgh (hopefully with-in the coming month). At this time I could learn from him his system of numbering mandolins.
    If you feel the need to PRIVATE MESSAGE me we can then open up other channels of communication.
    I was surprised to find that no Stiver Mandolin Registry exists and feel that his mandolins are deserving.
    Any help at all would be much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Mandolin Registry Startup Help

    Bill, you might reach out to carleshicks, a member that has done a MM registry, he might have a few ideas of things that work or do not.
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