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Thread: Opinion: Wegen M150 vs Blue Chip CT55

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    Default Opinion: Wegen M150 vs Blue Chip CT55

    Played using a Wegen M150 for a long time. Bit the bullet and bought my first Blue Chip pick; a CT55.

    So, here ya go...

    There is no question that the CT55 provides for faster and more precise playing. In my question. One critical element in securing this advantage, in my opinion, is that you use the "Thile Grip". It's really the only pick grip I've ever used.

    When I first started using the Blue Chip, there was a notable deficit as to tone. For lack of a better description, I sounded "thinner" when using the CT55 compared to the Wegen. But, what I'm noticing is that the longer I spend with the Blue Chip, this deficit is growing smaller.

    Overall verdict: yeah...I'm probably sticking with the Blue Chip.

    There's my 2 cents and you get what you pay for!

    I pray that you are doing well!

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    Default Re: Opinion: Wegen M150 vs Blue Chip CT55

    If I could only use one pick for the rest of my life, it would be the CT-55, but I really like Wegen’s TF 140, and one of mandolins really likes the Wegen better. My hands always like the BC better, but I go through phases where my ears like the Wegen. Nice to have the options!

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    Default Re: Opinion: Wegen M150 vs Blue Chip CT55

    Both good picks. Matter of taste. I prefer the CT55. Your sound may vary.
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    Default Re: Opinion: Wegen M150 vs Blue Chip CT55

    Im a CT-55 guy for sure, but I also have a bunch of Wegen TF-140s around, as I really like them too.
    The BlueChip stays in the mandolin strings.
    The wegen is a little brighter and good for cutting through a jam.
    The Blue Chip sounds a bit more round and full.
    I personally like how the BlueChip disappears in my fingers and becomes part of my hand.
    With the Wegen I can always feel the holes, and it puts me off a little.
    Both are great picks.

    Recently I bought a D'Addario Chris Thile casein pick, and I really like it.
    I have been using it on my Northfield 5Bar, and it gives a little more brightness over the CT-55.
    I switch in-between the D'addario and the BlueChip and have yet to find which I like better.
    They are equals, but with different good attributes.
    The think that worries me about the D'Addario is that Casein is fragile and wont hold up like the BlueChip.
    I love that the BlueChip is nearly indestructible, and you dont have to worry about it wearing down or breaking.
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    Default Re: Opinion: Wegen M150 vs Blue Chip CT55

    I can never settle.

    I'm adjustable....
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