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Thread: Change to this Forum's title

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    Default Change to this Forum's title

    Minor change in the "general classical" Forum category just now from:

    Classical, Italian, Medieval, Renaissance
    Orchestral, Classical, Italian, Medieval, Renaissance

    This was a suggestion that had merit so as to be inclusive all mandolin orchestras even though many play plenty of music that is not considered classical, etc. Didn't think a separate and dedicated area warranted its own space. Everything on a Forum needs to be shared. Like having the diversity but wish to avoid what's termed "forum creep," ie., too many categories so that it's overly difficult to find something--not the definition a member that's, well, you know...

    There you go.

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    Default Re: Change to this Forum's title

    That works fine for me. A few of us were just reminiscing about the "golden age" of the classical section here. At one point there were some of the top classical mandolinists fairly active in this section. It was a wonderful time to learn about that genre and chat with some of the very best players as well as some experts on the different stye sand techniques of playing and the instruments and accessories that folks preferred.

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    Default Re: Change to this Forum's title

    I was unfamiliar with the whole world of classical mandolin music until somebody at a bluegrass jam told me I should join "the orchestra." That was my entry into all this, as it might have been for others. CMSA, Calace, John Goodin, Victor Kioulaphides... I almost forgot about Bill What's-his-name. Seems like a fitting adjustment, and the term "classical" is often used (with historical inaccuracy) to describe anything an orchestra plays, even if it's bad movie music.

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