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Thread: 'Just in Case You Didn't Know' with Josh PInkham

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    Default 'Just in Case You Didn't Know' with Josh Pinkham. (Cleaner audio)

    Hey folks! We went back and tried to clean up some of the audio distortion that you may have heard in the last thread. We figured we would repost it so you could get a better sense of the tone Josh Pinkham pulls out of his Red Diamond mandolin. Don Macrostie builds a top tier mandolin and he gets that vintage tone through and through.

    Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel! We will be filming many more of these and improving both video and audio quality as we progress.
    To enhance the experience be sure to put on some headphones...


    All instruments have a story -- and musicians are eager to tell their part in it.

    Series Description- Introducing a new interview series with host, Demetrius Becrelis, who invites musicians to share how they came to own a beloved instrument.

    This is 'Just in Case You Didn't Know' with Josh Pinkham and how he came to own his Red Diamond mandolins...and his Chris Thile Signature Casein Mandolin Pick.

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