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Thread: Jumbo frets? 51/100 or 50/100

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    Default Jumbo frets? 51/100 or 50/100

    Has anybody tried these frets? Jescar 51/100 or Stewmac 50/100. Would love some input on these sizes or larger? Thanks Gentleman

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    Default Re: Jumbo frets? 51/100 or 50/100

    On what? A Mandolin? I think you'd have real difficulty in finding space for them and they'd look silly too

    I do use 40x80, and it is very comfortable to play on, but I really wouldn't want anything larger!

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    Default Re: Jumbo frets? 51/100 or 50/100

    I have installed 45 x 95, which is smaller than you are asking about, in 3 or 4 mandolins. It looked clumsy, and the board was so crowded in the upper register that higher notes were nearly impossible to play.

    The size you are asking about is as wide as older Gibson jumbo guitar frets. If you were to install them, you might not be happy with the results.

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