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Thread: 1917 A-1 replace frets?

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    Default 1917 A-1 replace frets?

    I have a 1917 Gibson A-1 that is in wonderful original condition. The frets show minor wear but not too bad but are small.
    I am considering a re-fret but concerned about value. Thinking it may or may not effect the value, thoughts?
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: 1917 A-1 replace frets?

    I've re-fretted quite a large number of old Gibson oval holes. Some of those instruments were later sold by major vintage dealers. The dealers priced them the same as similar instruments with original frets. Often, the re-fretted instruments sold more quickly because they were easier to play.

    An instrument that has been sloppily re-fretted might have a reduced market value because of the poor quality of the work. I suppose replaced frets would affect the value of a signed F-5, but most professionals who play Loars prefer to have them re-fretted anyway.

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    Default Re: 1917 A-1 replace frets?

    Schooner, listen to the expert. Perfect advice.

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