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Thread: holes from pickguard removal?

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    Default holes from pickguard removal?

    MAS is here once again, and some I'm interested in have a pickguard, which I'm not a fan of (for purely aesthetic reasons). They often have a full-size gibson style guard that is bound to the bottom of the mandolin with a bracket and screw (not an abbreviated one
    attached to just the fingerboard). If I was to remove it, how big is the hole, and what should I do with the hole? Does the hole have any impact to the sound, or is it just the aesthetics of having a hole in the bottom?

    thanks, hope everyone is staying healthy - and getting in some extra pickin' time!

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    Default Re: holes from pickguard removal?

    The hole will have no impact on the sound. It can be plugged, but unless you know what you're doing you risk making it look worse rather than better. And a time may come when you [or a future owner] might want to re-install the guard. Most people choose to just leave it alone.

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    Default Re: holes from pickguard removal?

    I took mine off 15 years ago (full size one on a Gibson mandolin). Pick guard in a drawer in case I every sell the mandolin.
    The tiny hole is nowhere that it will ever be seen - not really a problem.


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