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    well I ordered the bridge jig from Cumberland acoustic and manged to eff it up. The bridge is at an angle and not flat...I also sanded too much, the little gap is almost gone. If I sanded a little more to try to get it to flat just so I have something playable for now do I risk any damage to the mandolin? I'm gonna try and order a new bridge and do this again. If it wasn't for social distancing I'd just take it to Steve at Cumberland acoustic.

    Also does anyone know the radius specs etc. for a KM1050 so I can tell him what bridge I need

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    Hi BBB, show us some pictures of it in place, side shots are helpful. Never know, it may be salvageable...

    Len B.
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    Keep going, I'm pretty sure you didn't ruin it. The little gap in the foot doesn't make a difference whether it's there or not, many people consider it preferable for it not to be there. Just realign your bridge jig and get to sanding again, just keep an eye from time to time to make sure you have it straight up and down.
    Short little strokes - like 3-4mm strokes. Not long strokes.

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    Can't figure out how to orient the photos. It did it automatically on my pc, but not when uploading can see the big gap in the last picture.
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    It’s interesting. My antiques all have narrow, flimsy bridges, contacting the top at all points, and sitting directly over a brace. My “newer” adjustables have a much larger footprint, with or without that gap in the middle, and longitudinal bracing in variable places. A violin family bridge is a very important acoustic filter, and to be fitted is supposed to be compensated for string downforce (another of those advanced skills), and sits near or on a longitudinal brace on one side, and a magic distance from the soundpost on the other.
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    Hard to see from the pictures. But from what I can tell, it looks like you're really close!
    How does it sound?

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    sounds pretty great-good tone, lots of volume. Has a lot to give depending on how hard I play. It plays amazing because of the compound and big frets. I love it. but I don't know how to adjust neck or really bridge, so, I think I'm gonna order new bridge, James Tailpiece and have it setup eventually

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    if you need to get more of a gap between the feet you can take a box cutter type razor blade and scrape that out very easily. Some folks prefer a complete fitting bridge also
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