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  • Tiny's Rag

    2 22.22%
  • Glory in the Meeting House

    3 33.33%
  • The London Lasses ~ Irish reel

    4 44.44%
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Thread: Poll for Song A Week Social Group Week #519

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    Default Poll for Song A Week Social Group Week #519

    This poll is for the Song A Week Social Group Week #519.

    One vote per member of the social group. Please feel free to link to videos of these tunes, as a reply to this discussion, to help others decide!

    If you are a regular member, you know that our polls have been weekly polls, for years, but that over the last few months I've been experimenting with changing that. Our poll will be a biweekly poll. Hopefully, that interval will be enough to keep your interest, and also give you enough time to learn it. I will try to announce the winner on Friday, April 10, in the Song A Week Social Group forum.

    If you are not yet a member, there's a link at the bottom of this post that will take you there! Please join us over there!

    If you ARE a member already, and one who participates in these polls, I am in need of new tune suggestions! I depend on you all to help me keep this list populated! It's OK to suggest tunes that are already here as 'other tunes', but I'd appreciate it, if when you send me your suggestions, you do a quick check of our 'official tunes' to make sure we don't have a duplicate! You can make the suggestions in the discussion in the social group, called Poll Tune Suggestions. It also helps me if you can include the genre along with the title. I try to populate our polls with a variety of tunes, but our list is in serious need of some Bluegrass tunes, and more Old time! If you can also link to notation or a video along with your suggestion, that would be a great help! I'm depending on you members to keep this group alive!

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    Default Re: Poll for Song A Week Social Group Week #519

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    Default Re: Poll for Song A Week Social Group Week #519

    I voted Tiny's Rag because I had spent some time learning it in 1980 from tab printed in Frets or some such magazine.

    I tore the pages out and carried them with me across hemispheres and housemoves but I forgot the tune and never actually heard anyone playing the tune until I downloaded Tiny & Jethro sometime in the last ten years.

    I've just searched the house but it seems I've lost the old torn-out tab sheet with all the CV isolation/spring cleaning.

    I sure would like an excuse to learn it again.

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    Default Re: Poll for Song A Week Social Group Week #519

    Quote Originally Posted by Bren View Post
    .......I sure would like an excuse to learn it again.
    Its a great tune, what more do you need?
    Play it like you mean it

    Not all the clams are at the beach

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