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Thread: On-Line Jamming Apps?

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    Default On-Line Jamming Apps?

    A couple of the folks in my usual jamming group are looking for an on-line app. that will support realtime jamming. They have already tried Skype, What's App, and Face Time, without success. There is too much time delay in these apps.

    Anybody know of one that works?

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    Default Re: On-Line Jamming Apps?

    Yes. JamKazam works very well. It requires a WIRED (no WiFi) Internet connection (Ethernet cable), an audio interface, microphone and headphones. Also it requires patience.

    Check it out.


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    Default Re: On-Line Jamming Apps?

    To be fair, JamKazam will function with WiFi -- it doesn't crash or refuse to run -- but latency will almost definitely be a serious problem. JamKazam also prefers special audio interfaces, but it will run with standard audio equipped laptops.

    The biggest contributor to latency is distance. Figure adding a little more than 2ms to your total latency for every 100 miles. And keep in mind that latency is cumulative for each real-time participant.

    This latency is not a software problem. It's where the rubber meets the road with the speed of light.

    This Mandolin Cafe' thread talks more about this.
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