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    I hope all of you all are staying safe during these crazy times. I have a new companion to keep me company during my isolation. A Taran Springwell in Scottish Sycamore. It arrived safely yesterday here in the US and it is the most brilliant mandolin I have had the privilege of owning! It has that compressed "pop" sound followed by wonderful sustain; the only instrument I have had that was in a similar league was a 198-something Sobell cittern. This thing is on par or perhaps even more enjoyable.
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    Delighted to see this! You may well find that the sound develops over the next year or more as you play it. My spruce topped one, no. 14 has just got better and better sonically as I have played it hard. Enjoy and maybe get a video up for us to hear?

    Cheers Kevin Macleod

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    What a looker! I'll bet it sounds even better - enjoy!
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    Kevin has some fine examples of his playing of Taran instruments on his Vimeo channel, if I remember. Lovely instruments.
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    Identical to mine except mine is almost four years old now. Incredible, aren't they? I totally agree with Kevin - play it hard and listen for it to develop even more. Mine certainly did, within the first year, and I don't get to play that often. To me, the bass really came out more and the harmonics became richer in the first year. Congrats and enjoy your isolation time!
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    That is so gorgeous. I think Kevin posted about these a few years ago and I've been wanting one since. It's not gonna happen, but a boy can dream.

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    Thank you gentlemen for the compliments on Springwell no. 23. Rory is certainly top notch and working with him on this was a pleasure.
    Also, thank you to Kevin for helping initiate the original Springwell project with Rory. For those of you unaware, Springwell is a fantastic album by Kevin that I highly recommend! One of these days I will try to get a little recording up. I'm sure my playing and my device won't do the fine instrument justice, however!

    I am very much looking forward to hearing how the sound develops as you guys have mentioned. I originally wanted to go with something like cocobolo, but due to the CITES treaty and also based off of Rory's recommendation due to the sound characteristics I described to him that I was seeking, we went on Scottish Sycamore. Absolutely the correct choice and it is beautiful.
    I tuned the E string down to a D for a bouzouki tuning for a little fun this morning. Had a blast playing some Andy Irvine-style tunes with the bell-like sustain this produces.

    Also, Eric, I know that these aren't the same price as an off-the-wall mandolin, but there are a few points I would like to make. First, a bespoke instrument like this is an investment; Kevin, you perhaps paid a only a few hundred for your Sobell back in the day? We all know the value of those now.
    Also, I am not a rich man by any means, but I was able to stomach the deposit required for the build (applied to the final price). Then, over the next year or so I set aside some money every month and paid 50% of the remaining balance. From there, I had another 6 months give or take to save up the rest and pay upon completion. I wanted to say this to provide a sliver of hope that you one day might be able to own one of these. For the quality of the instrument I believe this is excellent value for your dollar (or pound/euro/etc).

    Thanks again gents!

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    Default Re: Taran Springwell

    You will be amazed. Mine is from the Class of 2015 and it sounds better every day. I had the pleasure of traveling to Scotland last May to see Rory in his shop. You are in for a great experience with your mandolin.
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    Default Re: Taran Springwell

    Congratulations! What an absolute beauty of a mandolin!

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