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Thread: Collings MT2 vs MF-GT?

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    Default Re: Collings MT2 vs MF-GT?

    Quote Originally Posted by ABmando View Post
    Good point about the photography! Check out the photography on my MT2-V I bought from Music Emporium:
    Wow! Amazing example of quilted maple! Absolutely beautiful instrument.
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    Default Re: Collings MT2 vs MF-GT?

    I have an Collings MT2-O. I have had an original MF about 12 years ago. In my experience they are both wonderful instruments. I wish I had the MF back as it was a growly beast that could drive with the best. It was a hard driving bluegrass mandolin. It was different than my Ellis, that is more refined, but equally strong. The MT2-O is a different deal. It has an Italian spruce top with an oval hole. It is a very precise instrument, clear and sharp, yet still has sustain. A great instrument for folk, English folk, Irish styles and just about any genres0. Both have great workmanship and the Collings approach, but the end result is more focused in different feels. So my answer to the OP is which ever suits your playing more. Both will be strong instruments.
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