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Thread: Removing pick guard (glued?)

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    Default Removing pick guard (glued?)

    I just bought a $300 Kentucky and would like to remove the pick guard (for aesthetics). The guard itself came off easily, but there is a little wood block glued to the neck. Any advice for removing this piece without damaging anything?

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    I tried blowing it for a couple minutes with the hair dryer, but it still wouldn't budge. I was afraid of overheating other parts of the mandolin, so I gave up. Would some targeted steam work? Or is that dangerous too?

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    Default Re: Removing pick guard (glued?)

    Might consider leaving it in place, perhaps cleaning it up so it doesn't look ugly; then the next owner can still use the pick guard if desired.
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    Default Re: Removing pick guard (glued?)

    Clean it up, and just leave it there! It's not blocking or hindering anything, and -- who knows? -- you might want to replace the pick guard someday, for example, if you find yourself damaging the top surface of the mandolin with your playing technique, or if you ultimately decide to sell the mandoiin. Which you may well, as you progress, because it's a fairly low-end instrument. A pick guard is an attractive selling point to potential buyers who might prefer these. No sense in burning your bridges behind you.

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    Default Re: Removing pick guard (glued?)

    It looks like there are 2 small phillips wood screws in the lower portion that should allow easy removal. You could then glue this piece back onto the pickguard that you've already removed and put it aside for future use.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I used my espresso maker to hit it with a few shots of steam from the steam wand, gave it a tug, and it popped off (just glue, no screws or pins). There's a little glue residue I can clean up later. But I saved all the pieces so if I sell it someday I can reattach the pick-guard. Cheers!

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