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    In reflecting, the player who has had the most influence on me is Brian Oberlin. Through him, both with lessons and his camp, I got acquainted with classical players such as Carlo Aonzo and Evan Marshall, grassers from Radim Zenkl to Mike Compton, and swing guys like Don S and Paul Glasse, not to mention Brian’s own playing in multiple genres. Seeing his ROW concert in 2013 has changed my musical life and I’m enjoying the journey immensely.
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    Unlike guitar, when me and about 10 million others wanted to be Beatles, I was told I needed to play mandolin by a three year old, so I bought one. I happened on, so I suppose Baron was my earliest influence.
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    Dave Appollon and Dave Swarbrick (Fairport Convention and Ian Campbell Folk Group). I also liked Hamish Bayne from The McCalmans but Dave Appollon by a mile.

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    Hard to believe that no one has mentioned Ronnie McCoury yet!! For me it was Ronnie, Monroe and Compton. Plus a bunch of good local talent.
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    I guess Norman Blake and Dean Webb.
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