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    Just received a new J Bovier F5 and am well
    pleased. They used to be made in Korea and I actually bought one when Jeff Cowherd first started as a dealer over 20 years ago and was pleased then. The new ones that are made in China are better I was told, so I found a few professionals that played them & it was all positive.

    My main mandolin is a LaPlant and I tend to baby that one. I wanted one to travel with, camping, festivals etc & this one didn't
    dissapoint, it reminded me of my K 1000 series I owned also the entry Northfield F5
    that I played & quite a bit cheaper.

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    Default Re: JBovier

    Iíve had my els for nearly a decade and I love it as much now as then.

    They are great instruments

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    I've had my EMC-5 for nearly a decade as well and I love it. I just wish Jeff was still doing emandos. I need a backup!


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    I'm a fan of the JBovier mandolins and have owned 5 of them. I still have 1 that I will not be letting go of.
    Still one of the best values available for $1500 or less.
    Glad to hear you are enjoying yours!

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    Default Re: JBovier

    Yup, they are very good mandolins, especially for the price.
    My first good mandolin was a J Bovier F5 Special.
    It is very nicely built, with lovely flame maple back and sides.
    I don't play it much since I got my Northfield, but I have pulled it out for jams where I didn't want to take my best mandolin.
    It isn't as loud or as rich in tone as my northfield, but cuts through a jam very well.

    Click image for larger version. 

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