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    Smile Tyminski & Newson

    Watching PBS TV's "Bluegrass Now!" and the Dan Tyminski Band, it looks like he is playing a Newson mandolin. The sound really stood out. Those Newson mandolins are a little bit under the radar, not way under the radar, but this is the first time I've seen a bluegrass "big gun" performer playing a Newson. I know the mando player in the Greensky band plays a Newson, but haven't noticed any top-of-the-heap players performing with a Newson. Have you?
    John A. Karsemeyer

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    Skip Gorman, while not top of the heap has been playing one for several years.
    There's nothing better than first-hand experience.

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    I haven’t seen any “Big Gun” players with one specifically, but there is one I played that I wish I could have taken home with me.
    While visiting Gruhn Guitars last year I played #147. It was one that George said he also liked greatly. He had been spending some time with it regularly.
    It is a powerful instrument that plays cleanly across the strings, and up and down the neck.
    Kudos to whoever was able to take it home!
    Eric Hanson
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