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Thread: Article: Wohlfahrt Violin Studies Arranged for Mandolin

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    I thought these were of greatest use to us mandolinists to learn reading standard notation in all keys.

    So adding TAB seems to defeat that purpose. Many (all?) editions already notate where to use 4th finger/7th fret vs. open higher string. And I think I remember that all the exercises are in first position.

    I have several of the .pdfs that one may find for free download, plus a standard music store print copy, plus Pine's recent violin edition with clean typesetting and formatting with DVD and .mp3s.

    I think maybe I shall not spring for a fourth edition!

    But it is a great set of exercises if one is willing to put in the work. And if you want to learn standard notation fluently and don't already have a free or print copy, highly recommended!

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    Linking to this discussion on the subject in case there is information that might be of use.

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