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Thread: Binding problem, any help?

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    Default Binding problem, any help?

    Does anyone know how to touch up the binding. I have had to replace some. Where itís joined, I canít get rid of the line. Iíve tried acetone and dissolved binding, white super glue. Just canít get it to burn together and not be so visible.

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    Default Re: Binding problem, any help?

    A photo or two might help.
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    Default Re: Binding problem, any help?

    My experience was the only thing that makes it look right is a perfect joint.

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    I love John Hamlett's suggestion that "it's always easier to make it look worse than to make it look better".

    When I have to replace binding, I try to remove it back to a logical original joint. Then it might need color matching, but the joint is in a place where you expect a joint to be. Getting a perfect splice right in the middle, randomly is.... challenging? Not quite impossible, but pretty close.

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    Default Re: Binding problem, any help?

    Frank Ford covers it a bit here on this article from
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