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Thread: Eastman MDO305 Octave Mandolin

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    Default Eastman MDO305 Octave Mandolin

    Iíve wanted an octave mandolin since the first time I heard one. However, a high end octave is probably not the most responsible thing On which for me to spend $4,500 (or much much more) while saving for a house.

    Iím liking what I see with the Eastman MDO 305. There were a few threads from 2018 regarding this, but wondering if anyone has any updated opinions. At $750, I feel like itís better than NOT having an OM. Thoughts?


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    Default Re: Eastman MDO305 Octave Mandolin

    I say, go for it!!! I don't own an octave but $750 isn't going to add much to your future house. Think of how much it will add to your overall joy in life.

    Len B.
    Clearwater, FL

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    Default Re: Eastman MDO305 Octave Mandolin

    Hey Tom, have you played one in person?

    I have one, and I've uploaded vids of it in other threads on this forum. I see you're in NH, I'm in Maine. Maybe you should take the drive up and play mine if you don't have one handy where you are

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    Default Re: Eastman MDO305 Octave Mandolin

    I just bought one at Wintergrass a week and a half ago. I am enjoying it. The different voice is fun. Low end and sustain for days. It is well set-up and fit and finish good. At $750, it seems to be a great value.

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