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Thread: Podcast: episode 7 is up!

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    Ever wrote a song, but it didn't end up being the song you thought you were writing? Just happened to me again... so I figured I'd use that premise to shoot a new episode of the podcast podcast - Episode 7

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    I have two of those songs going right now . . .

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you for watching! Isn't that a bizarre turn of events, in the moment, when you realize Oh wait, what song is this? I thought I was writing... that.

    I should have talked about it in the episode, and almost did, but figured I didn't want to muddy the waters by bringing up another song. But this is my favorite song I ever wrote:

    His Light

    Something always bugged me about it, but it took me months until the epiphany set in. The song is about a guy who loses his faith, and the question is, will he regain it? I am always interested in those songs where the main protagonist is going on a journey of transition... then I realized, the second verse starts with the line "his woman's gone, but she still prays for him."

    And that was the song.

    I should have written the song about her. So I did, later...

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