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Thread: Madera M200 mandolin.

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    Default Madera M200 mandolin.

    Good day everybody,

    I'm a newby looking for a student mandolin and I was wondering if anyone knows the maker Madera and its model M200:

    It's said to be Spruce top, but no info on if it is solid.

    I've tried to contact the manufacturer by email, but it seems communications go through their distributor (KanaMusicCanada) and they are not returning emails.

    I've been looking in the forum and cannot find any info.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Default Re: Madera M200 mandolin.

    It's actually manufactured in Asia and sold under dozens of brand names in North America.
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    Default Re: Madera M200 mandolin.

    Thank you very much, Mike.

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    Default Re: Madera M200 mandolin.

    If it doesn't say "solid" spruce, it's safe to assume that it is not solid but rather laminated spruce consistent with instruments at this price point. If it were solid spruce, they would say so in order to sell more of them.

    Len B.
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    Default Re: Madera M200 mandolin.

    Thank you very much, lenf12

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