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Thread: Kudos to Fire-Eye

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    Default Kudos to Fire-Eye

    I've been playing through a Fire-Eye Red-Eye DI and have been pleased with the result. Unfortunately at my last Worship band rehearsal, it was giving off a staticky fuzz noise. The next day with some trouble shooting, our sound tech and I narrowed it down to the input jack of the Red-Eye DI.

    Subsequently, I contacted Fire-Eye Development to ask them what I should do about getting it repaired and how much it would cost. They responded by telling me that their equipment was guaranteed and that they would replace it at no cost!... furthermore, they said:

    "We are sending you a new, as yet unreleased, Red-Eye with added features and better performance...
    -- Improved electronics...even more headroom
    -- Silent push Klick/Clack
    -- Ground-Lift switch to help combat AC Power hum.
    -- Pedal board power jack. Red-Eye can be powered by one or more of: 48V XLR Phantom Power, 9V to 18V Pedal Board power, or internal 9V battery."

    So not only a replacement, but an upgrade!

    Kudos to the crew at Fire-Eye Development for not only making a great product, but for standing behind it!
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    Default Re: Kudos to Fire-Eye

    Daren at RedEye has always been great to talk to and a very nice guy. I wanted to make a change to mine and called to make sure it was alright, not a problem he was very helpful.

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    Default Re: Kudos to Fire-Eye

    Those guys are great! I've never had nothing but great experience with Darren and the Fire Eye crew as well. They make great products that almost NEVER give any issues even with years of use and abuse and then if you do need them they will take care of you. Great American company!
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    Default Re: Kudos to Fire-Eye

    The sound quality is excellent!

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