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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Hilburn View Post
    So since the 2019 Winfield festival I've bought $105 worth of blue chip picks. 3 of them. Now 2 of them are lost, either in someone else's pocket who was at Midwinter or somewhere in the grass in Winfield.
    I admire those who have special pick pouch where they safely keep their cherished picks or those who return them to the strings of their instrument. When I went to Bluechips I swore that was what I would do but I just couldn't break the life long habit of carrying them in my jeans pocket, where they were in danger every time I reached for keys or change or more recently the phone.
    So it looks to me like I'll be returning to 35 cent picks instead of $35 ones.
    You should try Wegan bluegrass picks. They are only $4/each and I like them better than my Blue Chip picks:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Seale View Post
    I got one of these a couple of years ago as a gift, and I love it!
    I loose my keys too often for that to help.

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    Here it is.
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    I have many more Wegen picks than BC, but I like the way Blue Chips come off the strings. I take a Wegen bluegrass pick, lay it on a Dipper and drill holes in it. Love the holes the bluegrass has.
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    Like a fender medium guitar pick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Hilburn View Post
    Here it is.
    Now donīt you loose that car key

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    I wish I knew how many I have actually bought. Ive gave a good many as gifts. I had three flat picks of my own, and a couple of thumb picks too. I lost my first one, or misplaced it, a couple of weeks ago. I broke my own rule while at a friends house. I switched from guitar to banjo and stuck the flat pick in my from pocket. As soon as I got home I missed it. He looked for it at his house and Ive went through my cases, my car, my clothes, and my drive way a half dozen times. It vanished. With my name engraved on it to. LOL I think in the future it will still show up one day. It drives me nut I lost it though.

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