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Thread: Hola HM-3TS and the noob

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    Default Hola HM-3TS and the noob

    I'm a total noob.
    The wife thought getting me a mandolin for my bday comming up. Getting a HM-3TS. Anyone have one? Curious about it from an owner. Thoughts and such.

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    Welcome to the Cafe and to mandolin playing. Any mandolin will need to be properly setup in order to play well. It will likely cost you as much as that mandolin does, unfortunately.
    If you're handy, you can do the setup yourself.
    Once it's setup, it will be fine to learn on.

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    Default Re: Hola HM-3TS and the noob

    That mandolin is sold under dozens of brand names. I had one I picked up a while back on a closeout at Wal-mart and ended up giving it to a young lady that wanted to learn mandolin.

    The one I bought is here.
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    Having a luthierthat knows mandolins set it up is not too expensive. Then it should play well.
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    Well im pretty handy. So if it's a ok other than set up and such than im fine. I can always swap the nut bridge or machine heads.

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