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Thread: 8-string tenor guitar

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    I own a Blue Ridge tenor guitar which I've now modified to doubled strings. I have a very light set of strings on, but would like to go as heavy as I can. I've no idea how much tension would be safe, I tried reaching out to Saga but have never received a response. So hoping someone here might have some useful information. Apologies if this has been discussed previously, I searched the forum to no avail. (I seem to remember someone mentioning they'd talked to this manufacturer but I was unable to find the thread.


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    I've modified a Blueridge BR-40Tce to an 8 string octave mandolin and it is handling it just fine.
    Same as this thread:

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    Yes I can remember both those threads, I believe Saga said the guitar was safe for 100lb

    Als conversion was a real eye opener I think he had 140lb total although I believe he did have some trouble in the end?

    I have mentioned in other threads that Blueridge make an identical body with a six string neck and I have often wondered if they use the same bracing.

    Unfortunately Blueridge seem to be a very secretive company and I have never seen a video or even a picture of inside the factory.
    I have also mentioned that I have modified and lightened the bracing on several BR40s and they have remained completely stable. (With 80lb and four strings)

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    Quote Originally Posted by fox View Post
    Yes I can remember both those threads, I believe Saga said the guitar was safe for 100lb
    That's correct Fox. I contacted Saga and they told me that anything less than 100lb would be fine.
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    It would stay below 100 pounds overall tension, at that point the slightest extra pressure pulls the strings out of tune. If Stringjoy's calculator is correct I think I can stay in the 125 pound range and have it be playable. Any opinions on whether that would be stable long term? (Having never done this sort of project before I'm assuming that much extra tension wouldn't cause instantaneous failure but might cause problems down the road...


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    Mine has tension at around 180# and no problems at all with ball end strings matching Daddario EJ80 set

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