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Thread: NMC, a great experience today

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    Default NMC, a great experience today

    Sorry for the lack of mando content here, but I had to share about a great experience I had today with those of you who are also fiddle/violin players.

    I had the pleasure today of meeting my wife, daughter and daughter's violin teacher at Atlanta Violins in Roswell, GA for my daughter to test drive and pick out her next level instrument. On her Teacher's recommendation, she is ready to step out of a student instrument and into something more serious. Also per her recommendation we drove the 45 minutes from home and had an absolutely outstanding experience at Atlanta Violins. The service was awesome and we spent probably 3 and a half hours listening to her test drive instruments and just loving being a captive audience to their greatness in my little girls able hands.

    In the end she landed on an amazing sounding refurbished German made violin and will be deciding between 2 bows at her next lesson. All of which will be coming home with me on approval, when I pick it all up tomorrow (following the need for a little minor repair)... meaning we won't be paying for it until the final decision is made. Not to mention that the young man helping us was so patient and incredibly helpful during the whole process.

    All of that is to say that any of you who are multi-instrumentalists in the Metro Atlanta area and either need a violin/fiddle or need work done to your instruments, I highly recommend them. They also work on mandolins, so if ever Marty Jacobson isn't available, I'm sure they would be the next best thing!
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    Default Re: NMC, a great experience today

    From a student model to a German made violin is a big step. You're a good daddy Soliver, and daughters are indeed precious (I have two). Sticks are an important part of the game at her level, good ones can run more than a D28. Enjoy your family! RB

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    Default Re: NMC, a great experience today

    Music stores are often still mom-and-pop businesses. In my experience, they're run by some of the greatest people on the planet.

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    Default Re: NMC, a great experience today

    When I first started playing fiddle I lived in New York City. 57th Street near Carnegie Hall was the center for violin shops. One day I needed some set up or a bow rehaired and walked into and out of probably a dozen shops until I found a very nice guy who did not look down on my beginner's fiddle. I gave him all of my fiddl;e work over the years but I am sure he had many more upscale clients but it was always a pleasure to visit with him.

    Now I have an excellent local luthier who does not laugh at my eccentric oddball fiddles—in fact, he is interested in them.

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