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Thread: Used Gibsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by archerscreek View Post

    Have you ever bought a mandolin that had seen three or more prior owners (recent owners, Loar era F5s are out of my range. Haha) and had that mandolin knock your socks of and question the sanity of the prior owners for selling it?
    I too am looking for a used Gibson (but casually, if I happen on one for the right price, fine, if not, okay too,) but to answer your question, Yes - I bought my Collings used for a good price, played it for a bit, and e-mailed to the previous owner why he let it go - it is superb. He wanted to buy a custom guitar, so he sold the mandolin. He had bought it used, so I am guessing he got from me pretty much what he had paid for it (the average price for a used Collings.) I also only have the "catch" down, I am lousy at "release!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadysSolo View Post
    ...I am lousy at "release!"
    You aren't alone in that aspect. Every now and then I manage to push one out of the nest. One time I was selling three guitars to buy another guitar and my friend Larry said "I never thought of doing that". Once I own them it's hard for me to let go of them even when I should.
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    Smile Re: Used Gibsons

    OP had a taste for Gibson's F5's, I have bought 3 A types over the decades,
    an A 40 in the 70's , a Brown oval A in the 80's and an A4 in the 90's.
    I still have the latter 2...
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    I see a lot of resale of all the different manufacturers in that range. I dont think the rate of Gibson resale is any higher. Maybe its just because you have been tracking that brand so you are keyed in to notice ?
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    Sorry to sidetrack, but ...

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeEdgerton View Post
    I had the joy of standing in Mandolin Bros. and being able to play ...
    ... in my case, a $40,000 D'Angelico, from guessing the late '40s. That was in the early '90s.

    Quote Originally Posted by UsuallyPickin View Post
    Yup ... still have the worn out hat. I can't bring myself to throw it out. Stan had a fine shop. R/
    When they did a not-so-minor repair in '92 (stupidly dropped my D-35 onto, fortunately, a well-carpeted floor), I added a "Mandolin Brothers" guitar strap. As time passes, folks are more & more likely to commment on the living history of it!
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