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Thread: Octave String Pairings

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    Default Octave String Pairings

    I have a Weber 20" scale octave mandolin, and would like to try octave pairings on the "G" and "D" strings (like a 12 string guitar). What gauges would I use, and where can I purchase individual octave mandolin (loop end) strings?

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    Default Re: Octave String Pairings is a great source for single strings. You can most likely use the same gauges as the strings that you currently use for your A and E strings, respectively, or possibly one gauge higher.

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    Irish Zouk sets are like that ...

    generally an octave g is like a 3rd A string and the octave d like a 3rd E string
    just a scale note off.

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    Default Re: Octave String Pairings

    The easiest way to do this is take a spare A string and pair it with a G. Tune it to a G one octave above the regular G. Do the same thing with an extra E string paired with a regular D, but tuned one octave higher.

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