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Thread: General question about an Ebay transaction

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    Default General question about an Ebay transaction


    I ordered something 3 weeks ago with an ETA of Feb 4-7.
    On Jan 30 the tracking number was created.
    The item has still not arrived at the outgoing post office.

    Should I reach out to the seller to make sure it didn't slip in his trunk somewhere when he was bringing in a large order, or does this sometimes happen?

    To clarify - it's not something large like a mandolin - it is just a penny whistle, so I could see one being able to roll away from a batch shipment and go unnoticed.

    I just don't want to be a pest - because it was a great price.


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    Default Re: General question about an Ebay transaction

    It is certainly worth contacting the seller and asking him to follow up. As a sometimes seller I would appreciate a polite inquiry on something like this.
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    As an eBay lister for a business, I know some Post Offices are lacking on scanning items. We used to just drop off our packages; now I stand in line to make sure they are scanned. Definitely contact the seller, BUT it may be a PO issue.
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